Believe To Achieve

What’s your biggest ever achievement?
How did you feel during the lead up to this?

There are some very successful people who are enjoying the fruits of their hard work – we are often unaware of the effort, commitment and long hours it has taken them to achieve their goal.


  • JK Rowling struggled to find a publisher for her Harry Potter books and had hardly any money before Bloomsbury took a chance on her. She is now one of richest women in the world
  • Rumour has it that Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for lacking imagination – he now has an empire worth billions of dollarsAchievement isn’t based on money though – Pride of Britain awards last week there were some people who have some amazing achievements – believing in a cause and raising loads of money, protecting others by putting themselves at risk.

    In their testimonies many of them say, they didn’t stop to think about what they were doing, they just wanted to help. If they had been really aware of the situation and realised the seriousness of what they were doing – they may not have done it.

    Peter walks on Water

  • Jesus’ disciples are in a boat on a massive lake
  • Jesus has had some devastating news that one of his friends has been killed – he goes up into the hills to be alone
  • A strong wind gets up, making heavy waves and the Disciples get into trouble far away from land (ever been on a boat & experienced that?)
  • About 3 ‘o’ clock in the morning, Jesus approaches the boat – walking on the water
  • Disciples are terrified and think he’s a ghost. He tells them not to be afraid – “it’s me!”
  • Peter wants to see for himself – “If it is you, tell me to walk towards you on the water” so Jesus calls him over
  • Peter walks towards Jesus but suddenly becomes aware of the wind and waves, is terrified and starts to sink

As soon as he became aware of what he was doing, where he was – Peter doubted and began to sink. He lost faith.

Sometimes we doubt ourselves, or suddenly realise the enormity of the situation and it puts us off – like Peter, or like the Pride of Britain winners. But having courage and determination can help us achieve big things.

Walt Disney said – All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them Sometimes getting it wrong helps us to get it right next time – Peter learnt a lesson from doubting

Jesus, it gave him greater faith and a stronger relationship

My faith as a Christian helps me in day to day life and my belief in God helps me get through good times but also tough situations.

Achievement doesn’t mean that you have to change the world, make loads of money or become famous. It doesn’t even mean that you have to be the best at everything all the time.

Christmas Chaos

Whose ready for Christmas?
Who helps their parents organise all the different aspects of Christmas?

Two teams of four. They have to complete a series of quick challenges, all related to common things that are done to prepare for Christmas.

Challenge #1 – Christmas Cards
The Christmas card market in the UK is worth over £1.6 billion!
Teams have 1 minute to locate Christmas cards which are hidden under the chairs of the pupils on their ‘side’ – they must then look inside the cards to see who they are for and put them in the corresponding named envelope at the front. The team with the most cards in the correct envelopes at the end of the time wins.

Challenge #2 – Christmas Knowhow
True/false quiz involving everyone. Each person has a piece of paper on their chair, one side saying true, the other false. Questions relating to Christmas traditions are read out – each side must vote; the majority answer is taken.

Challenge #3 – Wrapping Presents
Teams have 90 seconds to wrap one of their teammates up – the most attractive/well wrapped present wins.

Challenge #4 – Food
We’ve saved the messiest until last…. [Create a build up] An important job for Christmas dinner is the job of stuffing the turkey, so we are going to see which team can stuff a turkey the quickest….. only joking!
Another important Christmas food is chocolate, so we’re going to have a chocolate race. An After Eight Mint is placed on the forehead of each team member – the team who successfully get their mints from their foreheads into their mouths first, wins!

Christmas can be a stressful and busy time. There’s the pressure of buying the right gift or, enough gifts, travelling to see friends and family, buying and preparing the food, wrapping up presents, finishing off work before the Christmas break, getting your cards written and ready for posting, going to parties, putting up the decorations etc. We watch American films which show us Christmas in a snowy town with posh houses, massive department stores and lavish gifts. We look forward to the unveiling of the latest multi million pound adverts from the likes of John Lewis and Coca Cola and millions of us tune in to watch the crowning of the x factor winner, not to mention countless Christmas specials from popular shows such as; Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Eastenders and Strictly Come Dancing……before we know it we’ve forgotten the point of why we’re celebrating.

Perhaps even the Nativity that we think we know, has been changed, with other details added? • Retooning the Nativity video (available on here –

The first Christmas was very simple. A small baby, born to an ordinary couple, in a quiet town. A baby who’d been promised and anticipated for hundreds of years, a boy who would grow up to be a King, but was born in a shed/cave amongst animals.

Whatever Christmas means for you, take some time this year to think about the very first Christmas.